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Algebras, quivers and representations

June 20-23, 2011, Balestrand, Norway.

Kviknes Hotel
Kviknevegen 8
N-6899 Balestrand [Map]

Program is available here (subject to change, so revisit this page for the most up-to-date conference program)

Speakers on the Abel Symposium can be found here.

Participants The list of participants can be found here. Please note that participation is by invitation only.

The central theme of the symposium will be representation theory of quivers and algebras and related topics. The representation theory of quivers has had an increasing impact in mathematics, especially due to its concrete and combinatorial nature. It has influenced and has connections with many other areas of mathematics, like commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, algebraic groups, and combinatorics. The symposium will focus on several of these connections like cluster algebras, homological and representation theoretic aspects in commutative algebra and quiver varieties.

Accommodation and travel information is available here.

The organizing committee consists of,

Aslak Bakke BuanNTNU
Bernhard KellerParis
Idun ReitenNTNU
Claus M. RingelBielefeld
Sverre O. SmaløNTNU
Øyvind SolbergNTNU

For further information contact

Aslak B. Buan[aslak.bakke.buan@math.ntnu.no]
Idun Reiten[idun.reiten@math.ntnu.no]
Sverre O. Smalø [sverre.smalo@math.ntnu.no]
Øyvind Solberg [oyvind.solberg@math.ntnu.no]