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Program for the Abel Symposium, 2011

The preliminary program is as follows: The talks will be 50 minutes each. We start Monday morning and end Thursday afternoon no later than 16:30. On Tuesday night there will be a special dinner celebrating the 60th birthday of Sverre O. Smalø.

Titles of talks (preliminary)

Luchezar Avramov:Reverse homological algebra over local rings
Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz:The Fundamental Class of an Algebra
Karin Erdmann:Cohomology for Hecke algebras and related algebras
Sergey Fomin:Cluster structures in classical rings of invariants
Dieter Happel:Algebras of finite global dimension
Bernhard Keller:On generic bases in cluster algebras (after Plamondon)
Maxim Kontsevich:Cluster algebras from the mirror symmetry perspective
Henning Krause:An encounter between Gabriel-Roiter and Ziegler
Bernard Leclerc:Cluster structures on quantum coordinate rings
Helmut Lenzing:Triangle singularities, weighted projective lines, and nilpotent operators
Robert Marsh:From triangulated categories to module categories via localisation
Hiraku Nakajima:Handsaw quiver varieties and finite W-algebras
Steffen Oppermann:TBA
Claus M. Ringel:Tensor Products of Path Algebras
Jan Schröer:Cluster variables are irreducible
Andrzej Skowronski:Module categories with heart
Lauren Williams:Positive bases for cluster algebras from surfaces
Andrei Zelevinsky:Tropical dualities in cluster algebras


Monday May 20
09:00–09:50Maxim Kontsevich
10:15–11:05Robert Marsh
11:25–12:15Andrei Zelevinsky
12:30–16:50Break for lunch and informal discussions
16:50–17:40Henning Krause
18:00–18:50Claus M. Ringel
21:00–22:00Folk tunes in St. Olafs church

Tuesday May 21
09:00–09:50Hiraku Nakajima
10:15–11:05Steffen Oppermann
11:25–12:15Luchezar Avramov
12:30–16:50Break for lunch and informal discussions
16:50–17:40Bernard Leclerc
18:00–18:50Jan Schröer
19:00–?Conference dinner celebrating Sverre O. Smalø's 60th birthday

Wednesday May 22
08:30–09:20Karin Erdmann
09:45–10:35Andrzej Skowronski
10:55–11:45Dieter Happel
12:00–?Excursion with lunch and dinner

Thursday May 23
09:00–09:50Sergey Fomin
10:15–11:05Bernhard Keller
11:25–12:15Lauren K. Williams
12:30–14:20Break for lunch and informal discussions
14:20–15:10Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz
15:30–16:20Helmut Lenzing