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Titles of the talks

Titles of the talks

Alain Albouy Projective dynamics of a classical particle or a multiparticle system
Ian Anderson Symmetry reduction and Darboux Integrability
Ugo Bruzzo Framed bundles on Hirzebruch surfaces and equivariant cohomology of moduli spaces
Andreas Cap BGG sequences and geometric overdetermined systems
Alain Chenciner Action minimization and global continuation of Lyapunov families stemming from relative equilibria
Philippe Delanoe Transport Equations And Geometry: A Survey
Boris Dubrovin On deformations of integrable hierarchies
Vladislav Goldberg Abelian equations and differential invariants of planar 4-webs (joint with V. Lychagin)
Michael Hazewinkel Niceness theorems
Wu-Yi Hsiang On the critical optimality for sphere packings of mixtures of two sizes
Nail Ibragimov Symmetries and conservation laws: a general theorem for arbitrary differential equations
Niky Kamran Focal systems for Pfaffian systems with characteristics
Boris Kruglikov Algebraic aspects of compatibility of PDEs (joint with V. Lychagin)
Demeter Krupka Differential invariants in gauge theory
Boris Kupershmidt Phase Spaces in Algebra
Bernard Malgrange Lie pseudogroups and differential Galois theory
Andrei Marshakov Gauge/string duality, integrable equations and Abelian differentials
John Mather Tonelli minimizers and relative Tonelli minimizers
Vladimir Matveev Projective vector fields: Solution of Lie and Schouten problems
Sergei Merkulov Wheeled props, deformation theory and quantization
Richard Moeckel Topics on the three-body problem
Juan Morales-Ruiz Local and Global Properties of Lie-Vessiot Systems (joint with D. Blazquez)
Jesús Rodríguez Characteristics of PDE in the framework of Lie-Weil jet spaces
Vladimir Roubtsov Partition Function of SOS elliptic model with Domain Wall Boundary Conditions and projection method
Per Tomter Isometric immersions of homogeneous hyperspheres into complex hyperbolic space
Alexander Verbovetsky Hamiltonian structures for general PDEs (joint with P. Kersten, J. Krasilshchik, R. Vitolo)
Raffaele Vitolo Geometric aspects of the quantization of a rigid body (joint with M. Modugno, C. Tejero Prieto)
Keizo Yamaguchi Contact Geometry of Second Order