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Practical Information

Arrival and Departure

The arrival date is Sunday 23 June 2019. The departure date is Saturday 29 June 2019. Cheсk-in is at 15:00, check-out is at 12:00.


The conference venue is the hotel Scandic Parken at Storgata 16, Ålesund. This is where the participants will stay and we will have our lectures there as well.

How To Get There

Here is a map of the venue:

You can also view the Abel Symposium 2019 in a larger map.

The easiest way to get there is by flybuss from the airport: from Ålesund flyplass (Vigra) to Skateflukaia (Buss) (Ålesund). This special bus goes frequently and is quite comfortable; it takes about ½ hour and stops less than 100m from the hotel. The tickets can be bought from the driver (price: 100 NOK), major credit cards are accepted We strongly prefer that you use this alternative, unless there is a combination of several participants making the taxi option cheaper. Please keep receipts.