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Reimbursement of travel expenses

This information is valid for invitees from outside Norway.

The organiser is happy to offer some reimbursement for travel expenses. A priori, we guarantee refund of expenses up the following upper bounds, fixed in Norwegian Crowns (NOK).

FromAmount in NOKcurr by 18/5/06
America, west coast 9500 USD 1550
America, east coast 7600 USD 1250
Europe 4000 EUR 510

Refund is obtained after the meeting is over. You need to

  1. Supply ticket stubs/receipts for all flights, taxi, train etc for which you claim reimbursement. In case you have an electronic ticket, please supply a printout of the ticket. In any case, make sure to include a receipt with the total cost of the ticket (sometimes this amount is higher than the one written on the ticket itself).
  2. You need to download and fill in the following form

    Pil acc_inf.rtf or
    Pil acc_inf.pdf

    for your bank information. In principle, the only way to be refunded is through direct transfer into a bank account, e.g. cheques can not be used by us. Note in particular, that if the required information (like IBAN no etc) does not exist for your bank account, supply the bank code, and the full name and address of your bank. It may be helpful to ask your bank if you are in doubt.

  3. Everything should be sent by regular mail for security reasons, to
    Department of Mathematical Sciences,
      att: mrs Tanja Karlstrøm
    N-7491 Trondheim

    NB! The claims should be received by us before June 20, 2006, we can not guarantee reimbursement of claims received after that date.