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Operator Algebras - Transport to and from the airport in Oslo

There are several ways of getting from the Airport to the conference venue at Voksenåsen, with a price range of NOK 94.- - NOK 660.- (or more if you are careless). We normally expect that you choose an alternative costing at most NOK 350.- . The information given below can be read off the Oslo Airport Information at the link Travellers To and from the Airport. As a rule of thumb, if you are two or more use the "Airport Taxi" described below, but if you are alone, use the airport express train "Flytoget" to Oslo S and switch to T-bane or taxi there. We will inform about the arrival times and flights of the participants later.

If you are two or more people arriving simultaneously there is a special fare offer from Oslo Taxi to and from Oslo Airport to destinations in the Oslo region. Go to the Taxi Information desk in the arrival hall and ask for "Airport Taxi", and normally a taxi will be ordered for you immediately. If you prefer to book in advance, phone + 47 23 23 23 23. Warning: You may also just go out to the taxi rink in front of the arrival hall and hail a taxi, but then you should explicitly ask for the special airport fare, which is NOK 660 for 1 - 4 passengers, NOK 1010 for 5-7 passengers, and thereafter NOK 110 pr passenger for additional passengers.

If you arrive alone the alternative above is too expensive, but you may take the airport express train (Flytoget) to Oslo S (Oslo Central Station). These trains leave the airport each 10 minutes and the 45 km ride to Oslo S takes 19 minutes. Tickets cost NOK 150.- and must be purchased at the entrance to the train station. From Oslo S you may either hail a taxi and take the NOK 200.- taxi ride from Oslo S to Voksenåsen Conference Center (the taxi driver should know where this is, but the address is Ullveien 4). Alternatively and much cheaper you may use the subway train (metro), which is called T-banen, from Oslo S westward to the station Voksenkollen (see the metro-map below). The price is NOK 20.- and the ticket must be bought at the entrance to the station. You take the westbound train number 1 from Oslo S (= Jernbanetorget) with destination Frognerseteren to the next last station Voksenkollen. The train leaves 6 minutes past each quarter and use 34 minutes to Voksenkollen, of which the last 28 minutes is a scenic ride up the hillside. From Voksenkollen it is a 800 meter walk up Ullveien past a small school to the left to Voksenåsen, see map 2 below.


T-bane map
(Click to enlarge)
Map from T-bane station to
(Click to enlarge)
You may also take the ordinary suburban train from the airport to Oslo S. It cost NOK 74.- leaves :08 and :38 past each hour and the travel time is 26 minutes (for the :08 trains) and 37 minutes for the :38 trains. Combined with the T-bane to Voksenåsen this is the cheapest alternative.

Finally, you may take the NOR-WAY bus express from just outside the arrival area to Majorstua and then take T-bane #1 from Majorstua to Voksenkollen or a taxi as described above. The express leaves the airport 15 and 45 minutes past each hour and use an hour to Majorstua. The price has increased substantially to NOK 130,- recently, so the saving is not longer so good compared with the airport express train (the taxi fare will be lower from Majorstua than OSLO S though).