Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

The Abel Symposium will reimburse standard travel and meal expenses for all official participants, including the organizing committee, the invited speakers and the invited participants. To do this, we need to complete two forms for each participant:

Especially the first form is unpleasant to fill in (the first finitely many times), so the local organizers will try to take care of it for you. Please go through the following five steps:
  1. See local organizer John Rognes on the first day of the symposium (Monday August 6th), or as soon as possible thereafter, to sign your travel claim form. He will have a printed copy of the form ready, with your name on it.
  2. Fill in one copy of the bank account information form (see above), during or after the symposium. You may need to check your bank statements, or to contact your bank, in order to obtain the BIC/IBAN numbers. Remember to use capital letters, and give your home address. For countries not using the BIC/IBAN system (like the USA and Canada), see the footnote on the form. Either give this form to John Rognes during the conference, or mail it to him together with your used tickets (see below).
  3. Provide the name, date of birth, home address, home institution and traveling schedule information specified below. We suggest you print out this page, fill in the information, and mail to John Rognes together with your used tickets (see below).
  4. Send used tickets or receipts for the steps of your journey, such as the flight to and from Oslo, to
    John Rognes
    Department of Mathematics
    University of Oslo
    Box 1053, Blindern
    NO - 0316 Oslo
    Please do all this before September 1st 2007. We need to file the forms within one month of the symposium.
  5. Wait about three months, and check with your bank that the reimbursement has arrived. If not, write to to alert us of the problem.

Required information

Please write legibly with capital letters.

Last name, first name:

Date of birth (ddmmyy):

Private address (complete mailing address):

Home institution:

Current e-mail:

Meal expenses

We will reimburse all official participants for meal expenses at standard rates of 460 NOK/day for 5 days, minus the cost of the conference dinner. We will take care of adding this to your travel claim forms.

Traveling schedule

Please list all parts of your journey, from home to Oslo and back. Give "Date" as dd/mm, "Time" as the starting time of each part. The "Mode" of transport can be by plane, train, bus, etc. The "Amount" and "Currency" is the cost of that part of the journey, in the given currency. Please use common abbreviations, like "EUR", "GBP" or "USD" for the currencies. For round trip tickets, give the total amount for the forward journey, and "0" for the return journey.

Date Time From To Mode Amount Currency

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